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How to Earn from Writing


Fogs.com is a friendly platform, where you can share you passion and knowledge, and expose your work to millions of readers. The more fascinating, informative or simply funny your writing is, the more interest it generates!

If you observe that the popularity of your article increases among Internet users, it may signify that you are a good writer, familiar with Internet social trends, and reliable in terms of delivered information. You spend a fair amount of time preparing your texts, because you know that every detail matters - starting with proper research, and finishing with delivering a well-formatted and illustrated content, opening with a catchy headline. Here at Fogs.com, we believe your hard work should be rewarded. We want to enable you to easily earn some extra money from your writing, so that you are even more motivated to share your knowledge and ideas with others. This is why we recommend you to join our AdSense Revenue Program.


Why Google AdSense?


Google AdSense on FogsGoogle AdSense is a simple, free, and very popular way for freelance writers and bloggers to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on the websites with their articles.




How to add the ad once I’m registered at Fogs.com?


Go to your Profile Preferences to paste the code of your ad. Choose which one of the following describes your situation:


AdSense - already have an accountI already have a Google AdSense account.


1. Go to your AdSense account and create an Ad unit with size 300x250 px.


Note: 300×250 is the only accepted Ad unit size. If you don't know how to create an Ad unit, please visit Google Support on this topic or simply watch the Creating an Ad unit video.


2. Log in to Fogs and go to your Profile Preferences. Paste your code into proper window visible on the website.


3. That’s it! From now on, Fogs will be automatically displaying your ads on your articles pages, and earn for you every day. The total AdSense revenue will be split in half, so you will always receive 50% of the total income straight to your bank account.

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AdSense- have no accountI don’t have a Google AdSense account yet.


In order to create Google AdSense account, follow Google instructions. Once it’s done, please refer to the steps described above.