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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fogs?


Fogs is a self-publishing platform, bringing together a vibrant society of freelance writers and Internet readers. It's an online space for news, articles and images that are informative, entertaining or simply inspiring. Everyone can share their opinion, leave a comment, rate and customize one’s reading preferences.


How to earn money on Fogs?


At Fogs, creative authors can generate an extra income through Google ads revenue sharing. It’s really easy and free.

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What can I submit to Fogs?


If you’re a registered user at Fogs, you can try to publish one of the following:


- Article

There's no imposed subject of writing, but it certainly should fit the style of Fogs articles. They are enterprising, educational, or illustrative. An article should be minimum 400 words long, appropriately titled, paragraphed and formatted. In order to be published, the text has to follow our Writing Guidelines.


Find out what content is best to write for Fogs

- Video

Have you recently made an interesting video that you can’t stop watching over, and over, and over again? Let us enjoy it too! Register at Fogs and add the video under the right category.


- Collage

Are you good at creating funny or figurative photo-montages? Add your work to Fogs and see it gaining popularity on the Internet!


- Chart

If you know how to visualise information in a stylish, illustrative and legible manner, it means you can create cool infographics. Publish them on Fogs and get your name out there, let it go viral in the online space!



How to get more traffic to my article page?


Always put the quality of your content first, respond to Internet trends and help your writing spread through the Web. Have a look at our practical tips on how to make your work successful and most beneficial for you.


Technical Issues



How can I register at Fogs?


Simply use your email and confirm the registration by clicking on the link we will send to your inbox, or login with your Facebook or Twitter account.



How can I change my profile password?


You can do it in the Preferences section. Go to your login name in the top right corner of the website to expand a drop-down menu. Click on the Preferences link and change the password by filling in the appropriate fields.



How to add content to Fogs?


First, you have to be registered and logged in. Press the Add content button placed on the right hand side of the menu bar. Once the new site opens, define what content you want to add by selecting adequate tab: Article, Video, Collage or Chart. When submitting your content, make sure to fill in all the fields properly, following all the image/file size and character limit requirements. Defining a category of your content is also mandatory. Do not forget about proper tagging - it also matters in terms of increasing visibility of your content in search results!


Once you have completed the submission process, and are satisfied with what you see in the Preview section (make sure there are no errors!), press the Publish / Submit button. Your content will go to the Pending section, which means it will not be published until our moderator approves it. You will be informed about publication or rejection via e-mail.


Should you have any other queries or new ideas to make the website even more user-friendly, please contact us by e-mail.

How can I preview and edit the content I added?

All your published or pending contents are listed in your Profile. To access it, go to your login name in the top right corner of the website to expand a drop-down menu and click on the Profile link.