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October 12, 2012

Meet Fogs Authors - Part 2


Today we want to introduce you to the second batch of our featured contributors and encourage you to check out and comment on their articles.  



      Yogini Bhambhani
Fogs author speaks

My name is Yogini, aka qsera, and I provide freelance article writing services at rock bottom prices. I would like to thank Fogs.com for the wonderful contest they held a couple of months ago. I am a proud winner of that contest and have been awarded a cash prize of USD $50. Here is the   link to my winning article, which is live on fogs: http://www.fogs.com/articles/top-10-best-tanks-in-the-second-world-war-1521

I can provide such unique articles for your websites/blogs too. Simply drop a mail at yoginibhambhani@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to assist you. Once again thank you, Fogs and I will be eagerly waiting for your new contests :)


       Alina H.

Fogs author speaks

I am a young Romanian writer who's had the chance to be one of the winners of your contest, registered as "Winterdawn". Frankly, I didn't expect to get there!

I work as a music journalist and freelance writer. My interest have always been on the unusual, mysterious, "wild side": mythologies, esoterism, subcultures, unpopular countries, and heavy metal music. When I came across the article contest, I knew I had to have my say and post an entry - but what would the topic be?... I was convinced that it had to be something mainstream, popular, in order to draw attention. Nevertheless - I did what I knew best, I wrote about one niche topic. It was mainly an attempt to share the wonderful impressions of a metal festival and to shatter some misconceptions regarding this genre. I put it there and forgot about it. As I was traveling at that time, I couldn't invest time in promoting it online, although I would have wanted.

Somehow, I made it to one nice spot in the final chart! My thoughts are that it's truly nice to be able to write about things you appreciate, to offer new information and insight, and to actually win something out of it! If I'll have the chance to contribute again, I will not hesitate. In fact, next time I will do it with even more courage!



Shubhajyoti Sengupta

 Fogs author speaks

My name is Shubhajyoti Sengupta, I’m a freelance writer, quite curious about the world surrounding my existence. My heart and soul belong to a city named Kolkata, India, which has its own, unique magical essence. Though I am not a native English speaker, my city being the capital of India during the British Rule, carries a flavor of London and many other European cities like Paris, Rome or Berlin. Writing is my passion and the contest held at Fogs provided me with the perfect window through which I could get a glimpse of the entire world. Wining the contest was my first international recognition and I am looking forward to work for various creative projects in Europe in the future.


Do you like writing? Become our contributor!


If you feel like you have something to say or are one of those people that constatly stumbles upon something creative that you find worth sharing, you can join Fogs and start publishing now!.To learn more, please go to FAQ section


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Watch out for the third batch of testimonials!


October 1, 2012

Meet Fogs Authors - Part 1



The Best Article Contest is long behind us. This event deserves a reminder, though, since it involved hundreds of people from all over the world, of which as many as 100 received cash prizes. However, being published and winning a contest at Fogs is worth more than $150. Each competitor became a real-life contributor to the website, and his work has been exposed to millions of readers. For some authors it was their first step towards professional writing for a wider audience.


Today we want to introduce you to some of the featured authors and to encourage you to check out and comment on their articles. We received so many testimonial messages from the participants of the contest that we decided to put them on in smaller batches, once a week.



Chowdhury Arif MahmudChowdhury Arif Mahmud


I’m Chowdhury Arif Mahmud from Bangladesh. My Fogs ID is camahmud. I won a cash prize of 150$ in a recent article contest at Fogs.com. It is a great place to show your writing potential, and at the same time it gives you this huge opportunity to earn by using Google Adsence.


I’m writing for Fogs with pleasure and I am earning money. If you have good writing skills, patience and passion, you can join it too. Fogs.com is a reliable website. Here is the link to my prize winning article: http://www.fogs.com/articles/10-strangest-hobbies-ever-1533



Atobatele Abiola

Testimonial for Fogs.com

I received the cash reward for the Best Article Competition and I must say I really appreciated it, and it really made me happy, as this was the first time I got to win something on-line. Participating in the competition was pure pleasure. I think the idea to gather writers from across the globe and give them a platform to compete was truly a great one.



I would also like to use this opportunity to give a big thank you to the entire members and crew at fogs.com. The whole thing was so cool! I definitely will be adding more content soon.




Glosom Glorya

Testimonial by Glosom Glorya

Hi writers, this is Authorglo all the way from Uganda in East Africa. Anybody ever heard of Uganda? Or to say it better, can anything good come out of Uganda? The writing contest on Fogs was a good one for me indeed. I learnt about the contest 3 days before the deadline so I rushed to put something together. I felt so honored to be among the top 100. This feeling sparked a writing fire in me that had been quenched by other people’s dogma. Since then, I feel like even the tiniest thing can be a topic for a passionate writer and could generate a lot of traffic. I have not yet posted again, but am putting together and polishing some new work. After reading what fellow contestants who were better than me had written, I picked some ideas on how to be a little smarter and catchy in my writing so I am taking my time. Long Live Fogs!!! 



Oh wait a minute…I am not done yet. I got my cash prize of $50 two weeks ago and I bought myself something I had desired for some time - beautiful crafts shoes. Whenever I look at them, I remember Fogs.



Tracy Collins

Fogs author speaks

It was about a month and a half ago when I happened to stumble upon a brand new website when I was surfing the internet.The name of the website is Fogs.com.They started an article writing competition - all you had to do was register and then submit your writing. Well, I entered the contest the same day I found out about it, because the moment I saw this website, I knew it would become a great one. It turned out I won a $50 cash prize and they sent it directly to my PayPal account. Fogs.com also has a revenue sharing program for their authors. I will write more articles and enter any upcoming article writing contests at Fogs.com, because they rock!



Become our editorYou can also become our editor!


If you are interested in writing for Fogs or simply want to share some funny infographic or video with our readers, have a look at our FAQ section to learn more about Fogs.


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More testimonials coming soon, so stay tuned!



September 20, 2012

Promote yourself on Fogs!

We are pleased to inform about our new feature that gives our contributors a unique chance to promote themselves! From now on, below each article, video or collage uploaded to Fogs, the new section about the author appears. 


It can be treated as an electronic business card that includes photo or avatar, name or nickname and personal description along with private websites or blog addresses of the author.


This is a great way to get exposed to the large Fogs’ audience and get valuable back-links to your personal websites!


Exemplary signature on Fogs



August 23, 2012

'The world should be more optimistic' - let’s hear from the Best Article Contest winner


The two articles written by Professor Ade Subandi took the contest by storm. Our winner was kind enough to agree to an interview. Treat this as a sneak preview of more author's testimonials to come!


Fogs: Could you tell us a few words about yourself? What do you do, what are your passions?

Professor Ade Subandi Ade Subandi: I am an agriculture professor at one of the major universities in Indonesia. My work is my passion. And well, I do like writing. At first I didn't really think I could even make it to the top ten in the competition, but well, it turned out I won!

Fogs: How did you find out about the contest? Why did you decide to participate?

Ade Subandi: I saw the invitation when I was browsing either through GetAcoder or Elance, I don't remember correctly. I took part in the contest because I wanted to express myself, and invite people to become aware of nature, teach them how to preserve, conserve, and maintain the environment. Also, I tried to encourage the world to be more optimistic. Another issue I wanted to draw attention to was the necessity of proper food management: the importance of balanced food production, developing new kinds of food, and food shortage in some parts of the world.

Fogs: How did you manage to get so many people involved to comment on your articles?

Ade Subandi: Basically, I invited all my friends from all over the world to help me: my colleagues at Melbourne University, Dhaka University and others from Malaysia, Singapore, members of UNESCO in Bangladesh, friends at COMSATS and COMSTECH institutes of Pakistan, friends in Dubai, in Palestine (Al-Qud, Annajah, and Berziet Universities), in Iran, in Egypt (al-Azhar, Cairo, Suez Canal and Assiut Universities), the management team of ISESCO in Morocco and Tehran, and Islamic Universities in Indonesia, and of course all the students in my home university in Bandung. Unfortunately, the contest fell on a holiday months, so only a small number of students was at the campus at that time. If the competition had run during academic year, I am sure it would have been easier for me to get more views.

Award Winning Author on Fogs

Fogs: How has winning in the contest changed your life?

Ade Subandi: Thanks to the contest I am now recognized as a skillful writer by the whole academia at my university. I even received a Letter of Appreciation from the rector. But I’m not resting on my laurels - I definitely want to enhance my writing abilities.

Stay tuned - more testimonials coming soon!


August 14, 2012

100% AdSense Income for Fogs Authors!


By the end of summer, every Fogs contributor can enjoy 100% AdSense Revenue Share! Like no other website, we give our authors a unique chance to get the entire income generated by the ads displayed on their pages!


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 AdSense on Fogs Summer Promotion

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See what content is best for uploading to Fogs


August 09, 2012

Speak out - we want to hear you!


The Best Article Competition is over now. Exactly 100 authors from all around the world won real cash prizes. We are glad to see you happy, and read all the positive comments you keep sending us! A lovely surprise was a video message we received from Marco from Italy. He showed us his brand new golf club, which he bought for the money he won in the contest.

And that’s not all! We also received some interesting news from our best of the best author - Mr. Subandi, a lecturer of Agricultural Sciences from Indonesia. His scientific articles were voted the first two most popular ones in the contest. Mr. Subandi informed us about great events initiated by his participation and success in Fogs competition. He managed to get his students and other professors involved in a vivid discussion on Fogs - just have a look at the number of comments his articles received... No wonder his achievements in the competition were noted and appreciated in his local environment. How do you like the banner which congratulated him on his success, hanged in the auditorium hall of the university he works at?


The above events have inspired and encouraged us to undertake a new initiative, addressed to all the contest winners. We are giving them a unique chance to present themselves on Fogs once again - this time as featured, winning authors of the Best Article Competition. Maybe there are more people, who would like to share their recent experience with Fogs, and the joy of victory, just like Marco and Mr. Subandi did.

We are looking forward to receiving more exciting news, videos and comments from our authors, and will definitely publish the most interesting ones! So if you won in the contest and want to be featured in our news section as well as in the press release, publish your feedback or video about your participation in Fogs’ contest on your personal blog or website, and send us a back-link!

July 11, 2012

We know the winners!

We are happy to present a list of the rewarded authors in our best article contest! :)

Top 10:

1. subandi
2. topwriter
3. camahmud
4. Angel.Sophia
5. owais1232
6. Upasna
7. shutdown
8. Fiqa
9. SkinScout
10. rickcarufel

Positions 11-30:

11. seccman21
12. Perspective
13. Geenu
14. kinza941
15. FrancesLocke
16. Satish
17. geekedlabs
18. revisoryorch
19. klairissime
20. Jennifer
21. sofiagoublia
22. xstacey88x
23. amuneeb
24. wordly
25. nishiagarwal
26. mariam
27. hoezyn
28. BATTLcomedy
29. TerraKincaid
30. maruarg86

Positions 30-100:

31. waqasdayala
32. zandinie
33. madpioo
34. wwinter86
35. speakbefore
36. pnmathur
37. Priyanka
38. Benton
39. tariqsaiful
40. firstblogger
41. inkedwriter
42. adtech
43. qsera
44. pavan4844
45. Abiola
46. authorglo
47. trillionaire
48. Winterdawn
49. articlesmart
50. ReeseReed
51. nivesh
52. jtikari
53. Rony
54. HodgsBaby
55. kryescent
56. MBBerry
57. freelancer
58. kellisco
59. tlkool36
60. jmurphy09
61. missheather
62. rslaiman
63. prdeal
64. ninatsa
65. iqra12345678
66. Thumbellena
67. Nidia
68. Kayzee
69. brettehl
70. nyh2dx
71. sweetnisha1
72. shubhajyoti2
73. kyrisse
74. rugeryta
75. cdeviraji
76. angelsonggd
77. drruud
78. Vialetta
79. envynicky
80. Shalu
81. khair
82. fogy
83. eplanellas
84. choci_cynic
85. orangewhite8
86. bugze
87. kirajx
88. dalinofx
89. Watcher
90. KLeiBak
91. naumannfog
92. samikshya
93. preetamkaush
94. Contawriting
95. nebula1
96. Brajeshwari1
97. pochp
98. pete_mcal
99. FourWays
100. mihajlovik

Fogs Winner

Congratulations to all winners! We will contact you shortly in order to verify your personal and payment details.

We are also glad to announce that every author registered on Fogs is invited to further cooperation, based on the AdSense Revenue Share Program. It enables a writer to profit from his content every day, as long as it is published on Fogs! Sounds interesting? Learn more about earning money from writing for Fogs.


July 10, 2012

The Best Article Competition Has Come to an End


contest-is-overDear Authors, once again we would like to thank you for your hard work and efficient cooperation. We hope that the contest and publication on Fogs have turned out be a great opportunity for you to promote your writing skills in the Internet.

Today the contest is over and we finally know the winners. Please give us some time to collect all data, and verify. Tomorrow we will publish the long-awaited list of finalists. Stay tuned! :)


July 09, 2012

The Last Day of Voting!


Dear Fogs visitors, our international writing competition is coming to an end. For readers it means the last chance to vote for their favorite article, while the authors should use the time left to invite even more readers to see their content by promoting it in the web.


Last chance to win the contest!

We will know the winners very soon, keep your ears sharp for the announcement of final results!


July 03, 2012

Voting has been Extended!


We are astonished by the interest we got from you regarding the contest. We would like to thank you for the contribution you have made so far. We received hundreds of articles, thousands of comments and even more visits. This makes us very happy.

We also got questions from you about changing the contest's deadline. We want to meet your expectations, so we decided to give you one more week for voting.


Remember to spread the word about your articles.

June 26, 2012

The Voting Phase is On!


… and it's up to you to decide who wins the prize, which article turns out to be the most interesting and most popular one. Let the authors know your opinion by commenting and rating their content.


Vote for your favourite article

During one week - from June, 26 to July, 3 - we will be rewarding your top 100 favourite articles with cash prizes. The big battle of international writers has just begun, so get involved - your opinion is the only thing that matters!


June 13, 2012

Best Article Competition has launched!


All talentBest Article Competition on Fogsed writers from all around the globe are invited to share their passions and amaze us with their knowledge of various domains. Are you one of them? That’s great, because we have a lot to offer to you: 7,000 USD in cash prizes to divide among 100 authors! All we ask you for is a minimum 500-words-long article that will please and engage our audience. We are looking for true writing champions, who are familiar with Fogs’ trends, and can contribute to our website with original content and good style.


Aren’t the main prizes great? Remember that as many as 100 contestants win!

  • $150 for 10 top-rated articles
  • $100 for the next 20 top-rated articles
  • $50 for the remaining 70 of the best 100 submissions


Interested? Want to learn more? Visit our official competition website and join now for free! Hurry up, the submission deadline is June, 21st!


Oh, and don’t forget to find us on Facebook to be up to date with competition news!