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Worst Movie Sequels EVER!!! (Movie Classics)

It's almost always the same old story: a movie makes a ton of money and the producers just can’t resist. They want more! They don’t care about the script, about the actors from the original, or the director. All they want is the money. And that is how we end up with some terrible movies we wish never existed in the first place. Here comes my list of the worst sequels of movie classics EVER!

You probably read my first article with the worst movie sequels ever. This time, I found sequels of movie classics. Real classics, that everyone knows and love. Making a bad sequel of a classic is like blasphemy for movie goers.

Well, I consider myself a movie goer, that’s why I just had to make this list of awful pieces of film. You’ll see, pretty soon you’ll be thinking to yourself: “how could ANYONE make such a movie? HOW DARE THEY?!” Exactly.

Now prepare yourself (again) and let’s start another disturbing journey!

  • The Sting II (1983)

The original starred Paul Newman and Robert Redford, was nominated for 10 Oscars and won 7. The movie instantly became a classic. And guess what the producers did? They couldn’t get the director, screenwriter and the stars from the original. Nevertheless they made the sequel. A sequel that basically has nothing to do with the original. It’s just a B class movie with similar story using the title to attract viewers. Fortunately – the public was way smarter than the producers and The Sting II didn’t earn any money.


  • The Fly II (1989)

Let’s refresh some facts(spoiler alert!): at the end of David Cronenberg’s classic (which itself was a remake of a 1958 movie) the main female character – Geena Davis gets impregnated by Jeff Goldblum while he is becoming a fly.

So at the end she is carrying a part-fly spawn. So what the producers made with this ending? Simple, let Geena Davis give birth to a LARVA! Yes, LARVA! Larva that grows up to become...Eric Stoltz. Yup. Makes perfect sense. To sum it up, the producers idea was to make an absolutely sickening, grossing everybody out movie. That’s why The Fly II is filled with repulsive makeup effects, gore and no deeper meaning, no dramatic impact. I wish I could have forgotten about its existence.


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