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World’s Heaviest People

MD's are at perpetual war with obesity. The problem, often considered one of the most serious lifestyle diseases, may have different reasons. Sometimes it is determined by genetics, another time mere gluttony is the guilty party. Occasionally, the main motivation behind someone’s excessive pounds is the desire to break the "world's most obese man" record. Well... don’t try this at home. Please.

Donna Simpson – 600 lbs and on the up and up

This woman’s declaration aroused astonishment - and obvious disgust - around the world. A US native, Donna Simpson claims she wants to become the world's heaviest woman. Consistent in her actions, the wife and mother of two has quite a goal to reach: she wants to weigh exactly 1,000 pounds. And she works hard to get what she wants.


In her home country Donna gained the status of a (mostly Internet) celebrity. Interviews and photographs (regularly published in tabloids), are widely commented in the media. Simpson recently admitted that after breaking up with her former partner, she is looking for another man, who will support her in the struggle. For now, the role of her sidekick is performed by Philipp, Simpson's daughter, who truly roots for her mommy. Whenever necessary, she runs to the store to provide her mother with all food the products the woman wants. The girl also helps her with meal preparation.


The 44-year-old American who is trying to win the title of world's heaviest woman is the Guinness record-holder in another category: in 2007, she managed to win the title of world's heaviest mother. A resident of Old Bridge, New Jersey, manages to generate a decent income out of her overgrown body. According to the American media, her website alone - with paid access to pictures and videos presenting Simpson - brings about 3,000-4,500 $ a month.

Carol Yager – 1,600 lbs

Donna Simpson still has a long way to go in her battle for the coveted title of world's most obese women. The current record holder is the already deceased Carol Yager, who reportedly weighed over 1,600 lbs! This result was not, however, officially registered, hence is not recognized by Guinness World Records organization. Carol Yager died at the age of 34. At the time she weighed 1,200 lbs.


Rosalie Bradford – 1,200 lbs

Yet another female considered to be one of the most obese people known to history is Rosalie Bradford, whose peak weight was 1,200 lbs. She is also known as the person who managed to lose 900 lbs, and reached the weight of 300 lbs. This achievement guaranteed her a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the woman with the most spectacular results in weight loss.


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