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Weirdest Ways That Made Many People Billionaires

It is said about billionaires that they were always fired from their first job. Then out of desperation, they start thinking about new ideas to support their family. In this article, I am going to describe a few such weird ideas where such ideas have made them billionaires. They used those ideas to build huge commercial empires.

Billionaires- when we hear the word, what come into our mind are the picture of the famous cartoon character, Ritchie Rich. In real world, we think that they must be some wizard with a wand. But it is not at all true, as money don’t grow on the trees and so are the billionaires. There are many people on the earth who practically started from a little scratch and have reached the sky with their intellect and hard work. Of course, some of them inherit the riches from their own family as well. There are many people who just suddenly discover that their talent can earn then billions of bucks.

How come a Homemaker Becomes a Billionaire?



Brad and Jera Deal

Unlike most of us, Jera Deal who was just a young homemaker from Illinois, made games for her toddler child (while we conventionally buy games). She along with her husband initially started making alphabet games for making their child learn. Later on she started to make the games a bit complex by taking pictures from the nature, where the child had pick out those portions which looked like an alphabet. Once she and her husband made a unique gift for their daughter’s preschool teacher (who was a would-be-bride) with the pictures, where each picture, resembling a letter was used to spell the bride’s name. Sooner, they launched their website named “Sticks-and-Stones” where they made such gifts. Their out-of-the-bag idea caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey who brought their brand to a wider platform. This was a journey of a simple game from a billionaire history.

Another Success Story of Rags to Riches Billionaire

Chris Lighty was another simple box carrier in New York. He had some extraordinary management skills that were till then limited to managing his younger siblings. After the musical segment got introduced to the word in the 80’s, Lighty found his pathway. He created a company called Violator, which is an artist management plus marketing group. The company groomed artists and placed them in various musical bands, and thereby been a home to numerous artists. He also created another group called Brand Asset. The duo companies, a couple of years back, made money of more than 10 million. This man set his foot in the millionaires’ column in his early 20’s. He was one of those who had a strong desire to become a millionaire and had worked his breath to become so. His luck had supported him, but his determination have truly earned a “hat’s-off”.



Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison-Founder Of Oracle Corporation

There are men like Larry Elison, the founder of the software company Oracle Corporation, was born to a single mother in utter poverty. Raised by his relatives, Elison didn’t continue with his college after his mother’s death and did small works to earn bread. When he founded Oracle, he never dreamt of that its turnover will be 27 billion one day.

Only Good Ideas Can Make a Billionaire



Designer Ralph Lauren

Designer Ralph Lauren, another college dropout, was a salesman of Tie, when he discovered that that the designs of the ties were too boring and knelt forward to create history with his unique designs. There are numerous other people, who had found their own unique ‘out-of-the-league” ways to flourish and get rich. Luck only supports, but strength of mind and endurance are more important.



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