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Video Games Responsible for Real People's Deaths

Over the last 20 years, ever since the internet and computers have become available to a growing number of people, there've been more and more reports on cases when video games have been connected to brutal killings and suicides. Here are a few video games that are deemed responsible for people’s deaths. And these are just the stories that were known to the public. Think about what we don't know.

Cop Killing Inspired by GTA


Devin Moore was obsessed with the Grand Theft Auto video games series. After an incident with the police, he told the officers: ‘Life is like a video game. You have got to die sometime.’ Aftewards, there was some doubt at first about whether his actions were really inspired by the ultraviolent video game, but the whole situation looked exactly like in the game. He simply took a gun from one of the police officers, shot three other policemen with it, and then run away in a police car.

13-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Playing WoW


When his parents showed concern and asked him whether he didn't feel addicted, he replied that he "had been poisoned by games and could no longer control himself". World of Warcraft led a 13-year-old Xiao Yi to jump from the top of a 24-story building. The suicide note left for his parents explained that he did that so that his WoW game character could finally meet his gaming friends in the afterlife. It seems that after so many hours of playing WoW, the poor boy got to a point where he felt he had become his video game character.

Man Kills Mother and Shot Father Over Halo 3


Seeing Daniel’s, 17, addiction to the video game Halo 3, his mother and father took it away from him and hid it into their safe. The teenager managed to open it, found the game together with...his father's 9mm gun. He took both, went to his parent room, and asked them to close their eyes as he had a ‘surprise’ for them. Then, Daniel shot both of his parents in the head. The mother died momentarily but futher survived, suffering from critical injuries, though.

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