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Unknown Facts  of  Well known Scientists.

These are some of the world’s distinguished scientists. All of us have heard so much about them. We have studied their theories & principles, their inventions & discoveries and their success & achievements. But to know the unknown facts, strange incidents of their lives & to find about the funny side of their lives: read and find it yourself !!


Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists. Newton was the reason behind the progress of the mankind today. He was accountable for the foundation of mechanics, optics and even mathematics, even his theory helped in landing a man on moon.

Lets find out other side of Newton’s life.

1. Newly born Newton was small in size.

Isaac Newton was born on Christmas in 1642, in the same year when Galileo Galilei had died. Newton was born prematurely. He was named after his father, who died few months before he was born.

The newly born baby Isaac was so small in size that it can fit in quart jug and was not expected to survive any longer.

2. Young Newton loved art more than science.

Young Isaac was more interested in drawing and coloring than his studies. He was found of drawing so much that other than his books and papers he used to draw on the walls and ceiling of his room.

His room was full of colorful pictures drawn every where.

3. Newton’s fight at school.

Earlier in the school young Isaac was a lazy student in his class. But it all changed in a day when a bully in his school fought and kicked him.Though Isaac was smaller in size challenged his opponent and did won in fight.

Then he decided to be the best student in the school. He was one of the hard working students during his schooling.

4. Newton’s mother wanted him to be a farmer.

At the age of 17, Newton was forced to run the family farm after his school by his mother. But Newton did not succeed in farming.

We should thank his uncle for persuading his mother to send Newton for higher studies to attend Trinity College in Cambridge.

5. Newton and the Apple: many versions.

The most popular story of Newton and the apple had many versions. Some people said-Newton was walking in the garden when he saw the apple falling down. Some other said he was sitting under tree when it actually hit on his head!

But Newton himself had said that when he was looking out from a window, he saw the apple falling down from the tree.

6. Newton the secretive scientist.

Newton was very intelligent. He became a professor of math at the age of 26. He had many discoveries on his name. Most of his discoveries were made at young age . But he never disclosed them to the world. He waited for few more years to declare them.

Newton tested the ground-breaking experiments on nature of light (Optics) at the age of 27 years but he presented his findings three years later to British Royal Society.

Even he did not disclose the discovery of calculus which became controversial when the mathematician Gottfried Leibniz claimed for the same.

7. Newton believed in super powers.

Newton was a religious person and very much believed in the God. Though his work particularly the laws of motion and universal gravitation helped the mankind but he strongly believed that “though the gravity clarifies the motion of planets but existence of God makes the planets move and God is the supreme eternal power or the Universal Ruler”.

But Newton never believed in the devil, spirits and ghosts.

8. Newton was a religious devotee

Sir Isaac Newton was passionate about Bible and very devoted towards religious duties. He spent more time in the pursuit of religion. He wrote more about religion and religious issues than about science or mathematics.

He even calculated exact dates of Crucifixion of Jesus, Apocalypse, beginning and end of the world.

9. Newton secretly practiced Alchemy

After his death, it was revealed about Newton’s secret interest in alchemy (producing gold from base metal) and about his extensive experiments. The production of gold or silver from other metals was banned during that time.

Many scholars during that period, believed in transmitting philosopher’s stone into the gold.They used to record entire study in code languages.

10. Newton was a speechless politician.

When elected to Member of Parliament in 1689, Newton served for entire one year. He showed least interest in the lengthy parliamentary work.

During his time as a member of parliament he just spoke one sentence - once he asked a nearby escort to close the window which was open on a windy day.

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