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Two Women Take Adorable Pictures of Rats With Teddy Bears

It all started around 2008 when two unrelated women – Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen – started taking adorable pictures of their beloved pet rats posing with miniature teddy bears. Five years later, these adorable pics are still traveling around the Internet. They went viral on imgur 4 days ago, but nobody knows the real story behind them.

A simple Google search takes us to Jessica Florence‘s Flickraccount, where the first pictures of her rats – Bug, Duck and Worm – were posted at the very end of 2007. Interestingly, Ellen van Deelen joined Redbubble at about the same time and started publishing and selling cute images of her rats – Moppy, Witje and Rosie. Although the women seem to be unrelated – Ms Florence is from Great Britain and Ellen van Deelen is a Netherlands-based photographer – we tried to contact them and ask whether they know each other. While we are waiting for their answers to update this article, we’d like to show you the cute pictures we’ve collected.

Many other Internet users have started to follow these photographers’ leads, taking pictures of their own cute rats cuddling teddy bears.

Jessica Florence







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