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Top Ten cRPGs of All Time

When given the task of narrowing down a list of the all time best 10 computer role-playing, or cRPG, games ever it can be a daunting task. The list can be tedious to create mainly because over the years there have been many cRPGs released, and lots of them have been outstanding games. However, the following list will outline ten of the best cRPGs ever created. The list is not in any specific order


1. Fallout: New Vegas: This is a wonderful addition to the Fallout series, and possibly the most popular of the series! Fallout: New Vegas takes you back to Las Vegas following nuclear fallout. There are many places to explore including the Vegas strip, wastelands, and small desert towns. The open world has much to see and do, which makes it wonderful for any type of cRPG lover.

2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Possibly one of the best ones of all time, this takes a fantasy world to the next level. There are so many sites to see and tasks to complete. Here you can play as any type of character, literally, if you can create it, you can play it! The graphics are great which help to really bring the worlds to life. This is a wonderful game that anyone can get enjoyment from!

3. Diablo III: Diablo III is a classic, and it automatically deserves a spot on the top ten list. This game offers five character classes that are rendered and inspired by classic Diablo characters. One of the best aspects of the game is the one on one play. If you were a fan of Diablo II, then go ahead and play Diablo III, you will more than likely enjoy it!

4. Baldur’s Gate Series: When it comes to the Baldur’s Gate Series, it was hard to choose only one for the list, so instead they were all wrapped up into one spot to make it fair for other games. These games were responsible for helping cRPGs come back from near failure in 1999. Although the company that created the games is now a shell of what it used to be, the games still deserve mention in a top ten list.

5. Vampire: Bloodlines This is commonly referred to as the highest acclaimed Punk/Gothic cRPG of all time. Bloodlines brought a very dark and compelling world to life through a dark and twisted story line.

6. Final Fantasy VII: Final Fantasy VII is a cRPG fan favorite. It is a collector’s item and still highly regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time. As with others in the series, there is a lot to explore and many fun puzzles to solve!


7. Dragon Age: Origins A unique and compelling storyline sets this game apart from others. This game is considered rather risqué and pushes the limit on some edgy topics it covers. However, overall it has a wonderfully written plot and gives the desire of wanting to keep playing for hours.

8. Tera Online: Tera Online allows you to choose one of seven races which each have their own story. Tera is a dark world full of corrupt people where gods fight with each other, armies clash constantly, and the entire place can change in a second. It is a must play for any cRPG lover.

9. Wizardry 8: This game may be considered a rather weird cRPG by some, it remains to have a very unique combat system that not many other games have utilized. This game allows you to create an entire group of characters rather than just one. Wizardry 8 is a must play for anyone looking for a change from the traditional cRPG.

10. Divine Divinity: This deserves a mention as quite possibly the best Diablo-style slash and hack game from Europe creators. The game has a certain humor about it that just makes it an all-around pleasant game to play.



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