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Top 3 Most Dangerous Serial Killers on the Loose and Never Caught.

Serial Killers are real life monsters that curse life itself. No one is sure exactly what causes someone to turn into a serial killer—but we do know that they always get caught in the end...except when they don't. In this article you will see 3 of the most terrible serial killers that have [never been caught]


#1:The doodler

Also nicknamed "the black doodler" is a serial killer who has never been identified and is responsible for 14 murders and 3 attempted slaying of men and transvestites in San Francisco from 1974 until 1975. The doodler was given his nickname due to the “ruse” he used to lure his unexpecting victims into his murder room.

The doodler would visit gay clubs, restaurants and bars and offer to sketch his victims for free before luring them into having sex with him. After sleeping with the men and transvestites he would then proceed to stab the men to death multiple times. 

If they were transvestites it was even worse. He would proceed to mutilate them before stabbing them to death.A suspect for the Doodler case was eventually picked up but the two identified survivors refused to testify.

It would mean they would have to publicly admit they were having a sexual relationship with another man and that was too much for them to bear due to the stigma at the time. Because of this the doodler suspect was set free in 1975 and no further information has ever come forth. The doodler killer has since then fallen into obscurity.

Harvey Milk a known Gay Activist has been noted in the very controversial comment of saying that he sympathized with the victims and understood why they chose not to testify against the doodler and 'out' themselves.


#2: Charlie Chop-off

This depraved soul started his terrible career in Manhattan from 1972-1974. He killed 5 black children, mutilated them, attempted to kill another child, and has never been caught. On March 9, 1972 an eight year old child called Douglas Pwens was found dead. He was stabbed 38 times, but most bizarre was that his penis had been mutilated and removed.

On April 20th another black boy was stabbed by Charlie chop-off and his genitals were also mutilated. Luis Ortiz was also stabbed 38 times and mutilated as well, and this continued for another 3 attempted killings until the abduction of a Puerto Rican boy on may 15 failed.During the failed abduction of the child a man named Erno Sota was arrested by police.

Erno Sota eventually confessed for one of the murders but refused to admit to the other brutal slayings and thus Charlie Chop-Off has been considered still on the run. Erno Sota's motivation for the slaying is believed to have stemmed from the fact that his wife had an affair with a black male and ended up giving birth to his child.


#3 The Babysitter

The Oakland County Child Killer is also known as the 'babysitter' because his obsession with forcing his child victims to bathe before killing them. The children he targeted were abducted and held anywhere from 4- 19 days, murdered, and their bodies were disposed of in various parts of Oakland County.

It was thought that he used a ruse of dressing up as someone that a child could trust such as a police officer, fireman, or doctor to lure his unsuspecting victims away from their parents. He had a wide area of attack and was thought by police to have a job where he was able to be very mobile. 

The 'Baby sitter' Killer was never caught, and no one has ever confessed to his murders.

However; two men named Theodore Lamborgine and Chris Busch have been suspected as possible suspects on the Oakland Country Child Killer case. Theodore Lamborgine was a retired auto worker and was convicted for his leading role in a child pornography ring in the 1970s.

He refused to take a polygraph test on whether or not he committed the murders even when offered a reduced sentence, and an impressive plea bargain considering the terrible nature of his crimes.

Chrish Busch was also suspected of being the 'babysitter'. He was the son of a high level General Motors executive that killed himself in 1978. After his death all of the Oakland Country Child Killings have stopped.

No one has been prosecuted in the case & the babysitter is still considered to be alive and hiding.





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