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This Could NEVER Happen In Real Life!

Doesn’t it just kill you when you see something unrealistic and fake in a movie - especially, when it’s not a sci-fi or a fantasy movie? Those sorts of clichés can be really annoying. Some of them are subtle, but some just scream right from the screen: “I’m fake!”. Here’s a list of the most annoying things from movies that never happen in real life.

  • Exploding Cars

This is really weird. Almost every movie car chase ends with an explosion. It’s like cars in the movies are made out of some super flammable materials. No matter if the car is going 20 miles an hour – it’s enough to burst into flames once it hits a wall. Doesn’t that seem weird?

Fact check: gasoline has a very narrow flammable range. The gasoline may SOMETIMES cause a car to burn. But it can happen only after a really bad wreck and an explosion is extremely improbable.


  • Using Chloroform

We must have all seen such a scene once: a villain holds a rag soaked with chloroform over his victims’ face and the victim quickly faints. It’s like a scenario that never gets old, and is has been used in movies for more than 50 years now! So is it a good way to – for example – kidnap someone?

Fact check: It’s not at all a legitimate way to knock someone unconscious. Chloroform may take up to 10 minutes to work and simply stops working once it's victim gets exposed to oxygen. Sorry, no kidnapping for you today.


  • Confiscating a car

Have you ever noticed how easy is it to confiscate a car by a cop (or anyone else) in a movie? The guy just drags someone from the car, yells at him and drives away. “Police emergency. I need that car!” – It always works!

Fact check: Notice that there is never anyone else in the car: no kids, no animals; the car has a full tank and is pretty fast. The driver never has his seatbelt on. That’s some lucky cops! In reality, this never happens. And if it would happen, the police department would have to pay HUGE amounts of money due to compensation lawsuits from car owners. No police in the world have the money to pay for such “car rentals”.


  • Using the silencer

This is one of the most overused gadgets in spy movies a’la James Bond. Every decent villain uses a silencer to kill without making a sound. Also, silencer looks like a legitimate weapon gadget that is being used by criminals in real life. Is it really?

Fact check 1: When you examine crime reports involving gun use in Europe and  in the United States, you’ll quickly realize no one uses silencers. So it’s not being used in real life. Why? Are all those criminals stupid? Or maybe there’s another explanation?

Fact check 2: Silencers don’t really make a gunshot almost inaudible. They can reduce the noise, but every shot will still be pretty loud. About as loud, as doors being slammed hard. So that’s why criminals don’t use it – it doesn’t help them at all.


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