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The True Heat and Soul of Liverpool F.C
photo by banoootah_qtr on Flickr

Kenny Daglish, the media has had a roiler on you over the last 18 months, from coming in to take over from Roy Hodgson and bringing Liverpool up to 7th place in half a season, to winning the Carling Cu, reaching the FA Cup final against Chelsea, and losing out to extra time to whatmany of us still believe to have been a spectacular goal from Andy Carroll.

I was driving in my car when I heard it on the radio, I had to pull in I was in complete shock that Fenway Sports Group had decided that in order for Liverpool FC to move forward it wouldinvolve sacking a Legend that has been with Liverpool long before FSG was even heard about.

Daglish has not had the easiest of seasons this year, with Lucas Leiva having been stretchered off the pitch in November 2011 in a 2-0 victory over Chelsea in the Carling Cup. Steven Gerrard has not exactly been at hisbest since his return, Luis Suarez was banned for 8 games over a Racial Abuse incident with Manchester United Defender, Patrice Evra. Even on his return and since then Suarez has still yet to reach hispeak, yet all in all Kenny stood strong and he took the media's critics on the chin and moved onto the next game.

Here is a look at what Kenny Daglish achieved upto November 2011 before the exit of Lucas Leiva:

  • 10 wins between the start of the seasoninc. of Carling Cup victory over Chelsea
  • 5 Draws inc. of Cup matches
  • 3 losses
  • with a total of 26 goals.

That being said had the season continued that way without injuries to Leiva, and Suarez being banned I reckon we could have had a real shotat a top four finish.


image source: DailyFootballNews.org

Daglish has given so much to this club over the years and has bought a trophy back into Liverpool's cabinet the first in 6 years, I think with the way the season wentfrom start to finish with everything that Daglish has had to put upwith, FSG should have at least let Daglish stay put and have seen him through to December 2012 /January 2013.

Shame on Fenway Sports Group and shame on the fans who have been screming to get Daglish out.

Daglish to me and many more out there YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE. NO.7 will always belong to you.



Liverpool fan born bred, I have been to Anfield once and have not missed a game in years even if it just watching it on the television. Through the tough times us fans have to stick together, for we will never walk alone
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