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The Most Unusual Sports of All-Time

The human mind, spirit and creativity can be truly amazing. We're sending people to the moon (and soon to Mars!), we're growing artificial body organs and experimenting with augmented reality. Football? Tennis? It's so last century. Extraordinary beings definitely deserve extraordinary sport disciplines...

Chess Boxing

This is probably one of the weirdest sports invented, a mix of brain and body. The winner must be both physically strong as well as mentally sound. Chess is played in between boxing rounds.




Wife Carrying Competition

This is a rather entertaining festival held annually in Finland. In the competition the man has to carry his wife on his back, and has to complete a 255 meters (approx.) run, which is filled with diverse obstacles like dry land or water ditches.




Goanna Pulling 

Goanna Pulling is one of the weird sports popular in Australia. Two people face one another, and are tied together with a heavy leather strap wrapped around their necks. Then they pull each other and the one who makes his/her opponent cross the central line is the winner.


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