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The Letter This Trooper Wrote For His Late K9 Companion

The bond between man and dog is undeniably strong. Anyone that has ever had a dog can tell you what a loyal and loving companion they are. So when Massachusetts State Trooper Christopher Coscia had to say goodbye to his K9 partner, it was one of the toughest things he ever had to do. To say farewell, he posted the following letter, called “One Last Ride,” to Facebook ...

It was a cold snowy day, training was cancelled due to the snowstorm, and I was left with the unenviable task of when I should make the decision to put my partner of nearly nine years to sleep.

Dante was a great dog. He was big, beautiful, black and tan shepherd. I often described him as a look-a-like for the dog in the show “Run Joe Run,” for those old enough to remember that program.


He had a regal look, with his big head, ears and large stature. He had his own personality. Most dogs are just dogs, but you sometimes run into ones that are somehow as much human as they are dog. A Type A dog was only to be touched by those closest to him, and sometimes not even by them.


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