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The Curse of the Bond Girls

A majority of Bond girls were one-time arm candies who we remember only for their attractive faces (and other body parts). Most of them weren’t even professional actresses, but models or dancers. Have you ever wondered what happened to them after the Bond buzz silenced? Word has it that every girl who agrees to play in a Bond movie is bound to be cursed...

You know what they say - once a Bond girl, always a Bond girl. Below I present to you the few ones whose careers gripped my mind for various reasons.


Most viewers probably don’t know that, but Jane actually made her first professional appearance on the silver screen in Live and Let Die, where she portrayed a clairvoyant tarot card reader, who lost her virginity to Bond after he stacked her deck and she took the “Lovers” card as a sign of destiny. Apparently, she wasn’t that good at telling the future and just could not predict that would happen. The Bond girl curse held her tight for the next 20 years after that; only in 1993, after everyone has forgotten that she once was young and sexy, she could become Dr. Quinn, medicine woman.


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