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Adolescence is a stage where we look for affection! Fun! Craze! We are always ready to try new things; that is why nowadays teenagers are smoking, taking drugs, drinking, swearing, dating! Because all this is new for them and new things are always exciting. However, they are not mature enough, to understand that all these new “stuffs” are radically destroying their lives.

Teens normally do not acknowledge and analyze the depth of a situation or problem, but still they want to solve each problem like superheroes, quickly and in the easiest way. Being human is an emotional experience, we all have our moments of happiness, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety and a host of other feelings, but, as we grow older, we will develop the skills we need to manage stress. Being, a teen, it is difficult, we are divided into parts, on one hand we need to dig a way towards our career, on other hand we need to shoulder our responsibilities. Sometimes we are confused and frustrated! Other times we are overwhelmed! Adventurous! No matter how much we undergo, there will always be a light ticking in our mind that we have a career to build! Stop amusing now!

When I interviewed some teens about how they feel and cope with their lives, this is what they answered:

Nisha :”For me life is great! Am surrounded by friends and my boyfriend! Well, I just want to have fun!”

Zishane: “Am actually scared about my Cambridge exams! This term there will be no fun for me! It will be only my studies and I but in December I will be back with a bang!”

Omar:” My life is hard..i have some familial problems and it’s really……hard!”

Some Teens are drifting away from the right path, may be because of influence or tensions. One way or another, they will realize their mistakes, some people say “by the time they realize their mistakes, it will be too late!” honestly, I opposed to this kind of views, because, it is never “too late” to reform. To come out of problems, there are some teens who took the advice of friends or any closed ones, and others who just take the help of music to feel better as it expresses their feelings.

We also have heartbroken and impulsive teenagers those who are heartbroken, will cry all day long, like it’s the end of their lives or will cut their wrists! Guys! Your hands are not meant to be cut! It’s not paper! Others, especially boys, are always indulged in fights! Each teenager has his own group where he feels he is at his place and secure.

Overall, we as teenagers, we love, cares support, fight, break up, patch up, we have fun, we study, listen o music, sing, dance, play, some even smoke, drink, swear, date, we always do silly things! We tease, we joke, and lots more..Why? Because we are teenagers! All this forms part of life! Unaware of tomorrow, we live for the present! Just like wiz khalifa said we are young! Wild! And free!



i am 15. a student.. i love writng,and i love one direction...♥ i just wanna make new friends
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