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Stress and Anxiety-Who Hasn’t Welcome the Change?

Stress and Anxiety are really two unpleasant experiences which are practically inevitable and must definitely come up in one way or the other, be it in your house, office or workplace. Since it’s inevitable, it’s very much possible for you as an individual to see stress as part of you. How can you withstand stress and anxiety?

Conceptually, stress is just pressure or worry caused by the problem in somebody’s life. It’s a misconception at time to take stress as an unpleasant experience for stress and anxiety can sometimes be beneficial to us. In fact, the truth remain that stress is basically a normal feeling. It’s actually minute level of stress and anxiety that prompt us to take actions and challenges and of course, this resulted in our ability to solve the problems facing us. Generally, this type of stress is known by some authors as eustress. However, when we basically talk of stress, we mean the bad stress. Anxiety itself is the state of having nervous feeling or fear that something terrible will happen. Despite their unpleasant nature, we must always be prepared to accept stress and anxiety, as the two concepts are surely inter-related and practically inevitable in our life, especially in our workplace. And our ability to welcome stress and anxiety when it eventually comes will go a long way in ensuring our success in all our endeavors.

How exactly does stress and anxiety come our way? Practically, when conditions are out of our control, we feel stressful. Also, when our essential requirements are not being met and our safety is endangered, there is tendency for us to get anxious. In our society, as long as there is dynamism, changes must always occur and such changes may end up placing us in a condition of extreme stress and anxiety. Hence, it’s very imperative for us to be prepared to welcome such changes. In most cases, this change projected us from a level of low stress and anxiety, to that of higher level of stress and anxiety. This is particularly true of workplace stress. In fact, workplace stress is basically a very common phenomenon. Whether your company is full of workers; recession or no recession; workplace remains a nagging problem in our various workplaces. The situation will definitely become noticeable whenever there is a reshuffling of staffs, mass retrenchment of workers, introduction of new policy, e.t.c. Workplace stress remains the most common type of stress we normally experienced.

We have several other ways by which stress manifest in our life. Another common example is economic and financial stress. Today, in this era of global recession, this has become a common problem for many people. Because of these unforeseen and unexpected fluctuation in the world economy, an increasingly number of people now find it very difficult to meet up with their family’s basic needs. Apart from the issue of global recession, a sudden change in one’s life can put him or her in an elevated level of financial and economic stress. This is exactly what happened whenever a huge debt is paid off or even on the event of divorce. For some people, the encounter with financial and economic stress always occur constantly whichever is the case, we must always be prepared to accept the outcome. There are so many other categories of stress but at most times; these are just offshoots of the examples discussed above.

How can you withstand stress and anxiety? First and foremost, you must welcome and accept the situation, irrespective of the type of stress we’re encountering or the cause. Discarding any minute feeling of anxiety from your mind is actually a first step toward a successful resistance to stress and such actions can enable you to be successful.

Another factor that can help you welcome and withstand this unexpected change is for you to be optimistic. I’ve to put it here that most times, events cause no stress; rather it’s our conception about these events that create the stress for us. What you think regarding life and things that happen to you and around you, and what you tell yourself about these things dictates whether or not you experience anxiety and stress. For instance, it was generally believed that the South Korean singer and actor, Park Yong-ha committed suicide due to distress over career pressure while caring for his ill-father. But you must believe with me that there are so many people out there have far greater responsibility than Park Yong-ha, yet they never think of committing suicide. But the issue here is that, while Park Yong-ha was unable to accept this pressure and believe in his ability, these other people do. Hence, the actual cause of anxiety and stress is your personal belief about a particular event happening in your life. So whatever happened, accept it and have the belief you can overcome it.

So after welcoming the change and believing in your capability, it’s now time to devise an action plan to get rid of this stress or at least adapt yourself to the change. Observing all these will enable you carry on with your life in times of intense stress.

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