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Sexiest Women in Hero and Superhero Costumes
By: Anna Fischer

When someone tells you about “superheroes” you almost automatically think about Superman, Spider-Man, the Hulk or other male characters. But the world of superheroes is full of powerful, beautiful, sexy and sometimes dangerous females. Beautiful women in their sexy, revealing (sometimes too revealing) costumes. Here is a list of women you wish were your private heroines and superheroines.

The world of superheroes is full of powerful, beautiful, sexy and sometimes dangerous females. You might purposely get in trouble, just so one of them would rescue you. Or maybe even let one of them be the cause of your troubles. Superheroines might not exist, but sexy women wearing hero or superhero costumes surely do, and I bet they possess a superpower that would make most men (and probably some women too) gasp and stutter.

1. Wonder Woman

I have to start my countdown with probably the first sexy superheroine - the warrior Princess Diana of the Amazons. Wonder Woman has been every man’s fantasy for more than 70 years and is still sexy as hell. She has a lasso of truth, which forces one to tell the truth, but I’m sure she wouldn’t need it to find out if we found her extremely stunning.


By: Pop Culture Geek

2. Power Girl

Did you know Superman was not the only one who survived the destruction of his home planet - Krypton? Power Girl, also known as Karen Starr arrived on Earth much later than Superman, but it is good that she did. She is a real treat for the eyes and enchants men with her white costume, exposed cleavage and red cape. She has many superpowers, but guess which one really counts for her male fan-base...


By: greyloch
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