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Sexiest Babes At Comic-Con 2012

You might think that a huge gathering of comic book fans means there are going to be lots and lots of geeks and boring people there: a whole festival of pale, chubby teenagers walking around and fantasizing about big guns, superpowers and other ridiculous stuff. You couldn’t be more wrong! And let me show you one of the reasons why…

Comic-Con is a kick ass extravaganza. It is a festival made for movie fans, comic book fans and game fans – not geeks as you might have suspected. All major movie producers want to give something back to their movie fans. That is why on Comic-Con you will meet the casts from blockbusters, real live versions of movie gadgets – everything you could possibly dream of. Where in the hell would you find WORKING versions of all the batmobiles? Where else would you have the chance to meet Robert Downey Jr., Andrew Garfield, Seth McFarlane or just bump into Neil deGrasse Tyson (the famous astrophysicist and science communicator)? I guess you won’t find another place like this anywhere in the world.

And if you are a guy (and as it accidentally happens – I’m one as well), there is no way you wouldn’t appreciate soooooo many sexy ladies in one place! And not only sexy – dressed in even sexier outfits, materializing some of your deepest and nastiest fantasies. The sheer number of sexy babes might even be too much for you! You never knew hot babes liked comic books, did you?

While choosing the sexiest babes of the Comic-Con, which just ended in San Diego, in California I had a constant headache! How to choose from literally hundreds of beautiful women? It seemed like mission impossible. I almost gave up!

The selection process went like this - I was saying: “This one is hot, but is she hotter than the other 30 babes? And what about her?” It was hard work! No blood, just sweat and tears!

I finally made it, and now I proudly present to you:

Jack Samuelson’s list of the sexiest babes at Comic-Con 2012! Enjoy

I have to start with one particular cutie. I don’t know why, but girls REALLY like to dress up as Catwoman. No! Excuse me – sexy Catwoman. Thank God for that!



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