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Powerful Moments of Peace During Protests

These images of people stopping to make a peaceful gesture or to help someone in need remind us that, even in the midst of violence and political conflict, our capacity for compassion and understanding can still shine through. Whatever your perspective on a given political issue may be, it’s always unfortunate when a group of people have to react to protests and riots to get their voices heard.

In all of these situations, large groups of people found that protest, peaceful or otherwise, was the only way to get their voices heard. But despite the violence, people still chose to help each other. In some cases, they even found a way to reach across the riot shield wall and simply help their fellow human being, be they a riot police officer or a protester. It’s comforting to see that even the worst situations can sometimes bring out the best in us.

Ukraine, 2013


Romania, 2012



Colombia, 2011


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