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Most Bizarre Shoes Ever: Part 1

Shoes – long time ago they used to be practical objects which covered the feet and protected them from cold and rough ground. Now they are much more than that. They can say a lot about their owners: their status, taste, style, etc. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes scary, and sometimes amazing. That’s why we all love them.

Let’s start with something strong, with the shoes that looks so ugly that you barely accept that they’re real. We believe that the people at Adidas must feel really ashamed when they look at these shoes. But there is one thing we can’t deny – they do have a modern design, and definitely are like no others.




We started with male shoes - let's stay in this group. To wear these shoes you don’t have to be a sport freak. In fact, you'd probably need to be a real computer geek to think about them seriously. They look like a keyboard but probably won’t work as one. If you slipped on the floor, could you press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to restart?




Worn by women but definitely designed for the pleasure of men. These shoes take what’s best from automotive design and shoes industry. As the producer promises, they are really hot heels. And let’s be honest, these are the only Lamborghinis you can afford.


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