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Incredible Gadgets: Part 1

I bet that after you come back from your local store you feel fed up with the boring, always-the-same, repetetive designs and ideas. You sigh deeply and keep moaning about how none of the designers in this world has imaginagion or sense of humour. But you are wrong, my friend. There are plenty of funny gadgets and designs out there. Some of them are presented below. More will come.

Let's start with this seemingly normal sponge. Standard shape, standard size, but the message...  With such an item in your bathroom you can finally feel save - as the producer promises, your ass and face will never get mixed up again.



The next gadget was designed for travellers. Normal bag? No, it's a toast bread bag. Just imagine yourself in a crowded airport. You'll definitely captivate your fellow travellers. If you like to be in the spot, this is a must-have for you.



Have you ever thought about what life looks like under water? Now you can check it out easily without getting wet. This transparent canoo takes you wherever you want and allows you to see what's underneath. Just remember when paddling naked that there may be people diving in the water below you.


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