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How to Fake your Way to Self-confidence

One of the things that many people seem to be suffering from in this day and age is a lack of self-confidence. Somehow, we have become unsure of ourselves so unsure that we have unknowingly developed an unhealthy and state of self-doubt. This lack of confidence may have come from oneself, it may have come from someone else or it may have been inspired by a negative situation. Whatever the reason m

ght be, you are now stuck in a depressing state of stagnation and lack of motivation that makes you want to run and hide from yourself.

Self-confidence is a positive, trusting, hopeful and faithful state of mind. It is the atmosphere that allows you to push pass barriers with ease, it allows you to meet goals and face life’s rocky roads effortlessly. Self-confidence can help you in every situation of your life, so, it is important to have heaps of it even if you really don’t feel it. Below are a few great ways to fake your way to self-confidence.


How to Fake your Way to Self-confidence:

  • Plant Seeds of Positivity: A thought is a seed that grows with constant attention. Instead of thinking thoughts of doubt and negativity, try thinking thoughts of positivity and hope. Plant these seeds of positivity every chance you get, say great things about yourself even if you do not believe it, then eventually those seeds will grow. An example of positive seeds can be repeating “I am self-confident”, “I am strong” or “I am Beautiful”, “I am Happy”.Smile More: Smiling reduces stress, relaxes your muscles, lower blood pressure and releases those good mood endorphins. So find every reason to smile; read the Sunday funnies, watch a funny movie, reminisce about good times or fake your smile, fake it until it becomes second nature.
  • Exercise: working out doesn’t just inspire a healthy body; it also inspires a healthy mind. Self-esteem and confidence grows when you progress is seen. The best mind/body workouts include yoga, Pilates, meditation and cardio, so join a class or do it solo
  • Rid yourself of Emotional Vampires: Misery should not love company. On your journey to self-confidence it is important to pay attention to the company you keep. To get out of negativity you have to rid yourself of emotional vampires.Instead of watching news or reading about sadness try reading stories of inspiration and instead of hanging out with gloomy people try volunteering your time to a great cause, the act of selflessness will make you glow.
  • Step out of your Comfort Zone: One of the best ways to gain self-confidence is to do something you never thought you could do. Pushing yourself past your comfort zone strengthens your mind and makes you feel like you can do the impossible. So, grab the mike at karaoke night, enter that contest, start your business or apply for that job.
  • Pray: There is extreme power in prayer. Pray for happiness, pray for strength, pray for help. Be thankful in your prayer, be sincere, be humble and be honest.

No one should feel hopeless or less than. No matter your situation, there is hope; self-confidence will give you the ability to see that. Fake it until it becomes true.



I am a freelance writer and a avid Greenie. I am the mother to a beautiful almost 5 year old and the wife to my complete opposite. I love to meet new people, learn interesting things and just be happy.
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