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How do You Really Know When a Guy is no Longer Interested in You

It’s a well known fact that sudden break up in relationship can be disastrous to the individual involved. At times, such break up can be prevented, if and only if, the opposite partner can perceive when all is not going well. This article, specifically for girls reveal the various ways a girl can tell when her fiancé is no longer interested in her. It’s a must read for the ladies.

As Sarah lay down on her bed, the nasty events that occurred at Jack’s house replayed vividly before her. But this only caused more pains and heartbreak for her. She had just walked into Jack’s house that afternoon only to discovered another girl there. Instead of giving some apologies or rather excuses, Jack boldly introduced the girl as his fiancée. Sarah was shocked to the marrow. Is this not the Jack I’ve been going out with all this while? “Jack, how can you do this to me?” She managed to yelled out. However, one question Sara kept asking herself was this; ‘”Why was I unable to know that Jack is no longer interested in me all these while?’ Strangely, she couldn’t even answer that question. Well, that’s where the problem lies.

As a girl, it’s very possible for you to perceive when the love your boyfriend or fiancé has for you is growing cold. This is really psychologically and emotionally important. Yes, it’s so important because having the knowledge that your guy’s love is waning will definitely prompt you to seek for a way to remedy the situation in time and save the relationship. Not only that, it’ll even enable you to braced up for the worst incase the situation eventual become unreconcilable. This will also help you not to be as shocked and frustrated as Sarah. The worst break up of relationship is the break up you really never expected. So you’ve to be on the watch out, so as not to be taken unaware.

Now for you to conclusively know if your guy is no longer interested in you, there is a particular factor you have to watch out for and that factor is his behavior. Is there any change in his behavior? Is he no longer doing what he used to do before without any concrete reason? You know, no matter how good an individual is at pretence, his or her action will definitely in one way or the other expose his or her true feelings or intentions. This is just the clue you need to employ. Watch out for a change in his behavior and try to unravel the secret behind that. I must put here that a change in his behaviour doesn’t necessary mean that he is no longer interested in you. That’s why you actually have to carry out some real investigation before coming to a conclusion. Again, don’t be too suspicious in your investigation so as not to ruin an apparently healthy relationship.

So what exactly are you going to watch out for? First and foremost, is there a break in his call or visitation? This is probably the first sign. If a guy that hitherto cherish you, suddenly stop calling you or visiting you, without a true and cogent reason, then something is definitely wrong somewhere. No matter how busy a guy is, he will definitely squeeze out time to ask after the well being of his love. A guy that fail to do this , definitely have something distracting his attention and that can be his job, commitment or even another girl. So when your guy suddenly stops calling you or paying you a visit, do well to find out the reason, but don’t be too suspicious. Again, if he is not picking your call, that’s another indication that all is not well. We cannot deny the fact that regular contact, is very necessary for healthy relationship. Moreover, a guy that is always anxious to hear you voice, means that you’re always in his heart.

Secondly, do you still please him? Yeah this is another clue that will help you determine if he is still interested in you. Once his love for you is gone, he’s likely not to be please by whatever you did for him. Your joke, play, smile, hug and kiss will never produce the same effect as it used to. You really need to be very observant here. No matter how hard he tried to conceal his real feelings, try to find out if he’s still really please by your presence.

Does he still give you presents? This is yet another reliable clue that will help you to determine if your guy’s love is still there for you. No matter how broke he is, you will believe with me that he can still afford to provide little present for you, especially on occasions like, your birthday, valentine day, Christmas day e.t.c. Giving you presents means that you’re still valuable to him and that he always have you in his mind.

Does he still take you out? Of course this is another thing you have to ponder over. A guy that really value and appreciate his girl will always take her out and show her off to his friends. If he suddenly stop doing so without any cogent reason, then definitely, all is not well.

Well, there is still so many tips that can help you sense if a guy is still interested in you or not. The list is almost inexhaustible. Most, if not all is actually based on his behaviours. If he can’t look you straight into the eyes when giving you an excuse; if he suddenly develops the habit of being aggressive to you; if he criticize your hairstyle that used to be his favourite, if he no longer cares for you, if he he’s nonchalant and insensitive to your feelings; that may likely be the signs that he is no longer interested in you. So be observant, but don’t be too suspicious.

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