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How Appearance Relates to One's Success

In our society today, the explosive increase in number of experienced and talented individuals with amazing skills means that each and every one of us must devise a means to emerge successful in our respective fields of endeavor. This article explains how your appearance can actually contribute to your success in whatever is your quest.

Appearance is a common term used to describe the way somebody or something looks on the outside, as well as what somebody or something seems to be. In other words, it involves the depiction of both the physical facade as well as the personality of an individual. But it’s very important to note that the personality aspect is normally a derivative of the physical façade. In our society today, your appearance can be a very significant contributory factor to your success, in whatever activity you’re involve in; be it job hunting, job interview, social interaction, seeking a life partner or a business partner.

All these while, I’ve narrowed my discussion on appearance to the dressing of an individual. But really, appearance is not all about the dress you put on, this is very important. If you’re to successfully deduct someone’s character from his appearance, you have to obtain some important clues from the way he or she acts. At this the beginning of this article, I stated that the appearance refer to the way somebody or something looks on the outside. Hence this is not specifically limited to the dressing of an individual; rather it also includes such attributes as facial countenance, your posture, walking steps e.t.c., and to be candid with you, these attributes are as important as your dressing. So if you put on a gorgeous and nice outfit without a complementary dazzling countenance, nor a confident composure, then you may not be able to illustrate the positive impression you wanted to. In order to supplement your gorgeous attire, you need to put on a warm smile, a confident composure and also be able to maintain the appropriate eye contact. With all these, you can successful send out a positive impression about yourself, which in turn will earn you the job or business partner you’re seeking for, or even the friends you want. Therefore, always know that the way you carry yourself most often determine how you’re to be treated.

So now, why is appearance so in important in determining someone’s success? Well, one thing you always have to bear in mind is that people around you, basically judge your personality based on the way you look. The truth remains that an individual behavioral character can be derive almost conclusively from his or her external appearance. What I mean here is that the way you dress and act reflects the image you have for yourself, and people around you pick up on that image. Hence you really need to be very serious as to how you look at a particular situation. You can lose a much needed job not necessary because you’re are not qualify for the job, but simply because your dressing sent a message that your behavioral attribute is not suit for an employee of that company. Now, I really have to put it here that the type of dressing you put on for an interview must depend on the type of job you’re seeking for. This is really very important. Put on the type of dressing that can convince your potential boss that you can fit into their company. For instance, it’ll be ridiculous for you to put on ties and suit for a job interview meant for employing a dish worker in a small restaurant. That will simply send the message that you’re too pompous for such job. Also, it’ll even be more absurd for you to dress casually for an interview for a secretariat work. Again, it’ll be highly senseless for you to put on thesame outfit to a job interview as you would wear to the beach or to a social gathering.

Apart from exposing your personality, appearance can also reveal how confident and exposed you’re, and this is one of the areas job interviewers capitalize on. In fact, during job interview, your prospective boss doesn’t need a lengthy interview to conclude if you can fit into their company or not. All they need is just few seconds of scrutinizing and they’ll get key clues of how you can operate, or rather, if you can conveniently fit into their company. So you’re ability to make a very good impression will definitely work to your advantage. In the case of job interview, your calling card to success should include a warm smile, a firm but not bone-crushing handshake, good hygiene, appropriate eye contact and a comfortable composure. Inasmuch as you have to be confident, don’t ever brag. That will definitely show that you’re extremely proud and arrogant.

Another important aspect I’ll never fail to mention is this; be conscious of what comes out of your mouth. This is particularly important during social interaction or even when you’re looking for a marriage mate. You’re speech also has the capability to tell a lot about you and your personality. It can reveal whether you’re humble or conceited, easy going or desperate. Remember this, your words provide a window through which others can see what you’re truly like. So make sure that the view is a pleasant one.

So in a summary, all aspects of appearance collectively talk a lot about you. So the next time you’re into any venture, especially a competitive one, spend a little time to improve your appearance. A good appearance has the capability of acting as leverage to your success.

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