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How Adult Industry Made The Internet Grow

It would not be wrong to state that Adult industry was pioneers of the web, thanks to they being one of the early adapters of the web right from the day Netscape entered the scene to change the market. This is evident from the fact that adult magazines like Playboy were the first magazines to go online with even a subscription based models for user.

They not only were first adaptor but were highly successful, thanks to their innovative marketing skill usage over this innovative platform leading to making playboy online version as one of the world’s top 10 sites in terms of user visits.



Adult industry started off many new totally online based businesses like world first web based prostitution services, video selling, photo selling and specialized sex related service selling businesses. The popularity and accessibility of same can be gauzed from 4 fold increases in no of such business online between 1994 and 1995. One of the major reasons for this popularity is what we call as “Sex Tourism”. In this form of tourism mostly engaged by many people from smaller and conservative town and countries come in to popular destination to buy themselves sex from women, children and to fulfill their fantasies.

It was this tourism and easy access to booking, information that listed business online resulted in that drew a major section of internet users in the initial time and hence the very contribution from adult industry in bringing in users and increasing the popularity of internet. On similar lines adult content including sex has not been an easy thing to get access to and their free availability or easy availability over interest made this medium a hugely popular destination for youth and interested people and hence the very reason how adult industry brought in masses to internet which not is medium’s strategic strength.


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