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Five Popular Urban Myths

Nothing helped the institution of urban myths more than the internet. To propagate an urban myth all you need is a “dependable” source and a “gullible” audience. If that doesn’t explain the relationship between a Web site and its readers than nothing does. Needless to say, there are hundreds of urban myths circulating the internet and nearly all are false. Below are five of the most popular ones.

Mister Rogers was a Navy Seal



The reason Mister Rogers wore all those sweaters was to cover up the tattoos he got while sniping Charlie in ‘Nam. He never liked to talk about his time in the bush not even with Prince Tuesday. Of course this myth, which started surfacing in 1994, is absolutely 100% false. Rogers never served in the military, never went to Vietnam, and never got inked up.


Walt Disney’s Body Is Cryogenically Frozen



Walt Disney’s body is not frozen and stored under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Disney was cremated in December of 1966 and interred at a cemetery in Glendale, California. The rumor that his body is on ice just waiting for some medical breakthrough was actually started by Disney animators. There’s no evidence that Walt ever even considered the concept.

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