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Crazy but Stunning Hairstyles: Part 1

For most of us hair is just something that grows out of our heads, and has to be (or at least should be...) washed regularly. For some people hair is a way to express their personality, others hate having to take care of it and simply shave it all off. And there are also these crazy people who perceive hair as great art material. Check out the incredible designs put together on womens' heads!

Charlie Price is a hairstylist from Denver, Colorado, who was once voted the International Stylist of the Year, and twice the North American Hairstylist of the Year. He worked with many fashion designers and created numerous inspiring and amazing hair designs. In this work, he is most certainly inspired by the Far East and Japanese Geishas. This design would definitely look stunning on the red carpet before an important event.




The next design is the creation of Giancarlo Rodia. The picture was taken by Maurizio Fantini for Spray magazine. The style could be called glamour punk - it is definitely very colorful and brave, and would fit all independent and strong women.




Shirley Gordon from Wheaton, Maryland, is the creator of our next design. She specializes in African American hair care. The hairstyle is inspired by old disco fashion but with a touch of modern chic. We are trying to imagine how hard it would be to sit in a car with this kind of hair...


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