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Can I Be Your Friend? The Nicest Movie Aliens You’ll Ever Meet.

Whenever you think of aliens, you almost automatically associate them with bad, terrifying monsters, just lurking out there to kill you, and devour on your heart. What about the good aliens? How come we so often forget about them? Don’t discriminate and call all the aliens “bad”. Give them a chance – they might surprise you! Here are the nicest movie aliens I could find.

People usually focus only on horrors and thriller sci-fi movies when you ask them about best movie aliens. That’s why they forget about many loveable characters, aliens that you would like to adopt. Damn, if you think about it – even the awful ones could turn out to be pretty nice you if you would only give them chance... Just look at the picture below:


Anyway – you don’t have to imagine the Alien in a pink apron – there are some really adorable movie aliens out there:


An adorable creature from the movie Gremlins. I know – you might argue he is not really an alien but a very weird Chinese species. But think about it: what kind of an earth-born animal multiplies when you get it wet, can be killed by sunlight and morphs into an evil little killing, reptilian-looking machine when you feed him after midnight? Only an alien creature can do that!

So we established that Gizmo is an alien species called Mogwai. He is also the best friend you can have – just look at him! Whenever you’ll be sad he’ll cheer you up. He also loves to cuddle and has that sweet way of looking at you that just melts your heart. He’s simply the visual definition of “awwwwww”.



I know the movie Mac & Me was a total disaster and is being called one of the worst movies ever (it “won” two Golden Raspberries for worst movie in 1988 and has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), but still – the alien from the movie was cute.

MAC stands for "Mysterious Alien Creature", this creature is not at all mysterious though. He’s just a weird-faced baby that loves Coke and Skittles (it is all he eats), and apart from his looks, he is just as human as could be. He also becomes a handicapped kid's best friend, so he deserves a mention only for that.

* For movie nerds: Jennifer Aniston debuts in Mac & Me as an uncredited extra.


ALIENS FROM Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

These are probably the only aliens that RETURN abducted people after they arrive on Earth (also: the abducted didn't age a signle day!). They could destroy Earth, attack humans, do all the bad things, but they decide to land – let every person they ever abducted go, and then invite new ones to join them on their ship, smile, wave to people and fly away.

Hmmm… Close Encounters seems more like a movie about your relatives (that you actually like) visiting, not an alien invasion. Still, if they are not shooting, killing and are smiling and waving (Penguins from Madagascar style) they deserve to be called “nice”.


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