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Body Language for Business Success

Establishing a very good and solid communication bridge linking you and your clients is one of the surest ways of remaining ahead of your competitors in the business world. Of course, body language is an important component of communication. This article highlights the various body languages we have and their involvement in the success of your business.

Body language, what does it means? According to the online for Wikipedia, body language is form of non-verbal communication, which consists of body posture, gesture facial expression and eye movement. Hence, it’s the general term used to refer to all communications carried out by the other body parts, rather than the mouths. Right from time immemorial, body language has been an important, part of communication, consisting of more than 50% of the way communication. Consequently, it’s really very important in our day to day endeavor.

In the business world today success is meant only for the fittest. The stiff competition we have in our commercial sector nowadays means that you have to devise new and innovative strategies to keep you afloat. One of the surest ways of keeping your shoulder higher above your competitors is by establishing a very good communication bridge linking you and your client. To make this more decisive, you need to employ both verbal and body languages to negotiate, appeals persuades, please and sell your products to your clients. So in the business world, getting the right body language when selling is an effective business strategy, for it plays an important role in the face to face interaction between you and your clients.

Now, how can you manipulate your body language to obtain the success you desired? Generally as a business owner you must know that it is not always what you say that clinches or loses the deal, but how you say it. Yes, this is a very nice point that must always be in your mind. If you voice out one thing, and give a contrasting message with your body, your client will always believe what your body language says over what comes out of your mouth. So, if your words and body language aren’t congruent, your buyers won’t trust you. That’s it.

So how can you send the right message for your business to flourish? First and foremost, you must appear confident and resolute whenever you’re dealing with a customer. If it happened that you appear to be nervous, then it will be very difficult for you to earn the trust of your customers. By the way, how do you expect them to be sure of your product when you appear not to be sure of yourself? Pausing with held breath before answering your client or raising eyebrows when asked a question are both body languages, which send the message of your discomfort or uncertainty when discussing with a client. To be candid this can never be appalling to them. They will simply take you to be another crook trying to offer a substandard product to them.

When you finally start, negotiating your business deals with them, you must appear friendly, caring and supportive, so as to ensure you carry the day. Hence you have to stand openly, welcoming them, enquiring of their needs and showing readiness to listen to their suggestions or complaints. Appearing nonchalant will definitely send them off. So whenever you’re making a sale, putting on a friendly smile will definitely be appealing to your customer. Also, regular eye contact that portray caring and interest will definitely earn you their trust and comfortibility. Again, this is very important, the right eye contact with your client especially during negotiation always play a role in the outcome of a business deal. Staring at your client consistently, or avoiding your client gaze are both body language that can flop a business deal.

Always appear sincere and confident about your product during negotiation.

Generally, you easily feel comfortable when you are selling a product whose creditability you are absolutely sure of. One common way of expressing openness is by gesturing with open palms, not with instructive fingering or aggressive fist

Establishing an emotional bond with your client is also necessary for your success in your business dealings. Hence, your body language during a business negotiation should aim at establishing an emotional bond with your client. Reflecting back at your clients, like matching body language by using similar verbal style can help you to create an emotional bond with your valuable clients. Also when you approach your customer lean in towards them, you get closer to them and create a bond.

Leaning in lowers the body in a subtle way, showing the respect you have for your customers and also takes the string any perception or dominance out of you. However, you’ve to be careful so that it won’t appear as if you’re encroaching into the personal affair of your customer. Nevertheless, emotional bond between you and your client is very essential for your business success, because your clients can only dance to your tone if and only if they’re bonded to you.

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