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Best Halloween Costumes From Classic Horror Movies

It's almost Halloween — the best time to show your creativity and have a little fun. It’s probably the only time of year when adults can dress up as and pretend to be monsters. Because, let’s face it – we all love horror flicks! And every year people look for inspiration for Halloween costumes. That’s why I prepared a list of costumes for real horror movie fans!

Every year on Halloween you’ll find a whole lot of werewolves, zombies, vampires, Frankenstein monsters etc. The same ol’ boring costumes. Of course there are also plenty of “slutty nurses”, witches and queens. Trust me, you want to find something better than that. And every year there are some new trends: dressing like actors from new movies (like Iron Man or Hulk from the Avengers); dressing up as popular politicians (Sarah Palin, Barack Obama); choosing other celebrity to impersonate (from Paris Hilton to 50 Cent).

Some classics never get old though. And choosing to become a horror movie character is always a great decision for Halloween. And you wouldn’t believe it, but you can find perfect costumes of your favorite horror villains. All you need is to search the web. Here’s the best one’s I found especially for you!


He’s one of many creations that came out of Wes Craven’s imagination (don’t worry – there are other Wes Craven characters on this list). This is a perfect costume for every horror movie geek who has seen it all and knows all the rules of “how to survive in a horror”. It’s also a good disguise to hide your identity if you want to steal something, so maybe get this costume if you’re thinking of getting into the burglary game.


PENNYWISE (from the movie It)

This one can really help you scare someone. Clowns are scary even without those sharp teeth. And if you remember the Stephen King’s book, or the movie based on it you’ll get chills running through your spine from just looking at that scary mask!

Also: if you hate kids – this costume is PERFECT to traumatize them for life!


HANNIBAL LECTER (from Silence of the Lambs)

For the more sophisticated Hollywood fans, but also for all those who don’t want to drink or speak during a Halloween party.

Think about this: Hannibal’s mask could be a perfect way to lose some weight. You can wear it every time you get hungry and lose 30 pounds in a week!



Well, here’s a really dark character. He might be the best choice if you’re going to a Halloween/S&M/Goth party. This costume will automatically give you a noble, majestic posture. It will add 1000 points to your respect score. All you need now is a bunch of Satan’s minions crawling behind you.



This is one of my favorite choices. Jason is the perfect slasher who has no mercy, no empathy, only anger and an incredible strength. Just look at his machete!

Also: Jason is the perfect choice for a Halloween type date. He’s not much of a talker, prefers actions than words. Isn’t that what women really want in a man?


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