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Amazing Things Made From Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate. It is the most popular sweet and one of the first invented. The first information about chocolate comes from 1100BC. I wonder if people back then could imagine what can be done from it. Definitely not. Check out the crazy designs made from chocolate. Would you be able to make some of them?

Let's start with the Swiss Army Knife. It is definitely one of the most recognizable objects in the world. This one looks amazing and can actually be bought. It is made from Swiss chocolate and has a praline inside. The producer promises that it tastes as good as it looks.



Next stop - Nike sneakers. Instead of dirty soles and smelly tongues, you can have the whole shoe made out of delicious chocolate. It's a perfect gift for a basketball fan. It was created for the 25th anniversary of Nike's Air Force.




The next big, chocolate thing is...a stadium. It commemorates the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship that took place in Poland and Ukraine. The copy of the stadium in Warsaw is made from 400kg of chocolate. One person would need 10 years to be able to eat it, if he ate as much as one chocolate bar daily.


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