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Amazing iPhone Cases

From the day first iPhones hit stores in 2007, they immediately became amazingly popular. Their release created a whole new market: people started producing docks, chargers, cases, apps, ear buds, etc. – all specially designed for iPhones. And some of these products were really unique. I have chosen some of the best designed iPhone cases ever. Look how creative people can get.

Have you ever used your iPhone for book reading? Maybe you use it so often, you would like your phone to look like a book? I have a solution for you. It is called "BookBook". It looks exactly like a vintage old book but actually is a case for your iPhone, credit cards and some spare money. Also keeping money together with your iPhone guarantees you will take better care of them and will never lose them by accident.




If you don't like reading books, maybe you are a fan of beer or coke? If you are, you definitely need a thing called iBottleOpener. It is a case, which protects your iPhone in the meantime allows you to open a bottle of a long-awaited refreshing drink.




If you were born before the 1990s you will definitely appreciate this next case. It will send you back to the past when people listened tomusic from the cassette players. Eh, sweet past. I remember I had one of them back in the day...


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