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A Personal Outlook on Science and Religion
Dr Neil Clifton - http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/796

Almost often I envisaged treading on a narrow hallway wearing pure white smock with stethoscope clinched on my neck, rushing to the intensive care unit with patient ardent for my curing expertise. It has been my undying ambition to become a doctor, yet relying only on my aspiration wouldn’t make a difference.

Almost often I envisaged treading on a narrow hallway wearing pure white smock with stethoscope clinched on my neck, rushing to the intensive care unit with patient ardent for my curing expertise. It has been my undying ambition to become a doctor, yet relying only on my aspiration wouldn’t make a difference. Thus, pursuing formal education in the field of science has been my utmost way of transforming into reality my fancy illusions. With books of information, already piled in my head, dealing with science has been my everyday counterpart. It had overwhelmed me by its illustrious and wonderful upbringing to almost everything. Aye, even professors I have dealt with had persuaded me that science could answer queries explaining the phenomenon and existence of all matters. Blame on it, I rest my thinking to its function, bothering not to be optimistically curious and halfway neglecting to gratify the Almighty.

Most of my concerns seek to acquire knowledge and not of finding the path leading to the creator. For this root, a blazing thunder of guilt reverberated back to me, awakening my conscience and giving me a moment of soliloquy that had pushed me to confess the obvious vices I have committed. From far being neither religious nor spiritual, the only thing that holds me to Him is the faith deeply engraved in my heart for without it perhaps I have already become an atheist. An idea for personal improvement comes from individual self just as the fish baited out from the river and not yanked. In relevance to these facts, questions were raised such as: “Is there a meeting ground between science and religion?” “Could there have been a connection between the two?” “Which of them existed first?” and “Don’t they have the same purpose to alleviate man’s burden?” By gathering answers to these issues that are debatable somehow uplifted my mental understanding towards my real quest in life and perhaps presenting an issue to ponder upon carefully.

Taking it from the genius, famous Albert Einstein believed that science without religion is lame, on the other edge, religion without science is blind. Even the father of evolution, Charles Darwin confessed at the brink of his life that there is the existence of a Supreme Being that runs contrary to what he had long been denying. Sad to note that science has bloomed where religion has declined. And when there appears the failure of men to reason out the flow of chronicles, in hypocrisy, they counted on miracle.

It is but apt considering three arrays of logic in detailing this quarrelsome issue. First, religion and science were one in purpose liken to the relation of hydrogen and oxygen which when fused form water molecule. Second, they completely belong to different group compared to oil and water, which are immiscible. And yet, as usual, the third asserts science and religion to be caught in between. These must be treated according to situations such as science dependent on reasons, while religion even without thorough explanation is still true by simply believing.

The first array focuses on the fact that religion and science are dependent to each other. It might be that the former determines the goal it has, nevertheless, learned from the latter. Just as the maxim that states “A genuine scientist will always have that profound faith.”

For pro-religion, they believed that modern science is a cancer, that is today steadily eating away the marrow of religious faith. For them, it is not the religion that needs to be made relevant to modern knowledge; it is the modern knowledge that needs to be made relevant to religion. On the other side, representatives of science have often made an attempt to arrive at fundamental judgements with respect to values and ends on the basis of scientific method, which in this way set them in the opposition of religion. This is under the second group claiming science and religion to be totally different.

For individuals who remain unscathed by joining no particular side, they are in favour of the status quo and lack the grasp of connection to profound conviction, but not of knowledge of order itself. For them, neither the rule of human nor the rule of divine will exist as an independent cause of natural events. This then belong to the third affiliation, science and religion seized in between.

Having complied various opinions and perceptions coming from few concern individuals, one thing remains largely true. That is, it is undeniable that the idea of existence of an omnipotent being is true. There is a God who accords men solace, guidance and help. But there is still an attached query to this belief, which has been painful since the beginning of history. That is, if God is an omnipotent, then the occurrence including every human feelings and aspirations is also His work? How is it possible then to think of holding men responsible for their deeds and thoughts before such an almighty Being?

Uh-oh! It seems a never-ending pattern of asking, answering then again questioning. It only meant that zooming in the notion between science and religion was and never will be an easy subject to deliver. It needs discrete and full familiarity on both topics. It’s putting faith in oneself and at the same time applying the power of knowledge.

In my attempt amassing the facts of science and religion, I was dumbfounded realizing the truth – the most concern living creatures, men, were the ones bringing forth myriad of clashes, where in truth they are the ones most likely to suffer in the end. Such idiosyncrasy!

After blatantly opening, that which seemed nearest to expressing the inexpressible, one truth holds. That is,science and religion as two strong spheres in the realm of living affect each and every individual in matters of decision-making, attitude towards every affliction and even into cultivating steadfast disposition within us. And as changes continue to be constant in this sometime uncanny Cosmo we called home, science and religion rebuild an image of tomorrow’s certainty.



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