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A 7 Year Old Boy Just Died. What One Pallbearer Did During The Funeral Is Beautifully Awesome.

7 year-old Jesse Heikkila fought a long, hard battle with brain cancer. In his short life, he had to face a lot of challenges, but they never destroyed his dreams. Jesse wanted to be a superhero, or a police officer, or maybe even an Olympic swimmer. Sadly, his dreams were destroyed when he lost his struggle with brain cancer before he turned 8 years-old.

Jesse wasn’t your average 7 year-old boy. He had so many hopes and dreams. Because he wanted to grow up to fight bad guys, the local police chief made him an honorary officer of his force.

The entire Bridgewater Police Department showed up to Jesse’s funeral to pay their respects to their fallen fellow officer.


The outpouring of support at the boy’s funeral was overwhelming. There were so many officers present, his uncle dressed as Batman for Jesse and the organist played the Star Wars theme for him.


The only thing people wanted to do was to remember Jesse in the most joyful way they could.


Bridgewater officer Dawn Savery knew of Jesse’s struggles, so she reached out to officers across the country and gathered patches for Jesse.


Then, during the procession, the entire town seemed to show up to remember Jesse, dress up and pray for the little boy.


The entire town of Middleborough, Massachusetts, made sure that Jesse’s funeral was so memorable to honor the special little boy that passed away. It’s hard not to cry when you see just how many people, loved ones and strangers alike, wanted to show Jesse how much they cared.

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