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5 Movies People Like for No Reason

There are some good movies that are incredibly popular. But there are also some bad movies which became popular for no reason - through marketing or some other factors (brainwash or something?). Let me show you 5 which I personally think should not be released at all, even down there in the darkest, forgotten cinemas of Eastern Europe...

Tron Legacy



Visually, it's absolutely stunning. The colors are intense; the way they are used in the movie and in the posters is simply amazing. The special effects are not  astonishing, but in good taste. The soundtrack is also OK, mainly because it fits the atmosphere of the movie perfectly.


But the plot line... Come on! Silly, childish and impossibly simple. Plus the abominable acting - blah!


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull



I went to the cinema with so much hope that it would actually be good. There was so much fuss about the movie and the comeback of the old hero. I expected something really good. I knew that the plot wouldn't be "realistic" same like in the old movies, but this...



I tried to stay with it and gave it a chance. But come on. Giant ants, aliens, starships and all without the slightest sign of common sense.

And the worst of them all ... Shia le Bouf. How can you NOT hate this guy?





I really wanted to like it, but it was just such a disappointment. Like with the new Indiana Jones, it had great marketing, an awesome director, famous crew. Even the idea was nice: linking the old Alien movies with the new plot.



For unknown reasons, what came out was a terribly boring movie. Take a look at good old Rob Pattinson's smiling face (above). That's how I felt.


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