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10 Types of Girls Men Are Crazy About

Some like it hot, and some not - to each his own. There's something for everyone in the world of woman. We’ve put together this small list of ten timeless types of girls that have their devoted fan bases, irrespective of the changing generations and trends. Ladies - if you think you belong to any of these groups, feel free to use our tips not to lose your magnet. Gentlemen? Well...enjoy the pics!

1.The Child


No, it’s not what you think, you perv! Some men simply like girls that are even more childish than them. They enjoy listening to the high-pitched, childlike laughter, and bathe in the general playfulness of puerile women. This type of girls attracts rather phlegmatic, downbeat guys who need a "little sun" to bring light and warmth into their boring lives.

2. The Mystery Woman


All men like it when the chick is surrounded with an air of mystery. That’s true, ladies, but remember that moderations is the key. With too many secrets you’ll quickly go from seductively inscrutable to discouragingly impenetrable. In other words, you should be fairly unpredictable, and unveil your secrets - but never all of them! - step by step.

3. The (Natural) Sexbomb


You can’t fool nature - this is a fact. Sexy looks attract attention in 99 cases out of 100, but ironically, they do not guarantee happiness in personal life or a successful marriage. Not every guy is self-confident enough to imagine having a serious relationship with a woman who is like a red rag to a bull, that is, to the entire male population. Tip: try to keep your sexy moves for the moments when you are alone with the guy you really like. If you’re so sexy it hurts, just forget makeup and leave high heels for special occasions. 

4. The Inexperienced (And Hopefully a Virgin)


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