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10 Strangest hobbies ever

We have own hobbies to pass our leisure time. Reading books or magazines, watching TV, playing cards, listennig musics are some types of hobbies we generally have. if it is playing dead or collecting condomns or tattooing vahicles or some thing like these, then definately it looks strange or bizarre to us. You could feel these as loathesome but still these are hobby to some people.

1. Ironing in Extreme condition


Ironing means removing the wrinkles from the cloth but extreme ironing means something extreme than ironing cloths. Phil Shaw, a worker of knitwear factory in United Kingdom, invented extreme ironing which is like extreme outdoor sport. He has done it under water, on top of snow-covered mountain, in the position of hiking, in the desert and like other extreme position where he can set up his ironing board. For ironing, it’s need electrical power but in outdoor without having the facility only athletic strength, stamina and finesse needed to become a extreme Ironer, said Phil.

2. Roller Coaster Raiding


Riding roller coaster is always very exciting and frightening as well. Vic Kleman, a 78 years old man, makes it his bobby by riding 4000 times in his life time. He started this raiding at 1959 and made a record by taking 90 rides in a day. Now, Kleman is a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts.

3. Cassette Tape Art


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